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with A.S.P.

As an academic publishing company Academic & Scientific Publishers (A.S.P.) offers PhD-students the possibility to publish their PhD thesis professionally, at competitive prices, with an extensive and flexible service, going beyond a mere ‘printing’ assignment.

What is A.S.P. offering?

We will personally guide you through the publication process to obtain a beautiful and professional looking result. Realising the pressure PhD students face, we offer a fast service of less than 5 days between the receipt and finalisation of your PhD thesis.

To be able to achieve this, it is important to receive the correct information upon our first contact, so we may be able to fulfil your wishes. Please add the desired amount of copies, the amount of pages, a possible cover image (in high resolution of at least 300 dpi) and which other services you may require.

Theses for the VUB are published by VUBPRESS, for the UA by University Press Antwerp.

What will it cost?

A standard assignment is possible from ca. € 455, and is based upon the following technical specifications:

  • Format: 17/24
  • Total amount of pages: 150 pp.
  • Print: double sided black/white
  • Amount of copies: 50
  • Cover: single-sided SBS 280 g, matte lamination, in colour, with the logo of your university (upon your request)
  • An ISBN and legal deposit at the Royal Library to ensure registration and copyright. This also ensures that your thesis is recognised as a publication for your university to obtain further funding.


Because every thesis deserves a unique approach, we offer extra services:

  • Colour print (with the remaining technical specifications the same as above): from ca. € 575
  • Delivery by courier at the desired address: € 25


For more information or a quotation (without engagement), please do contact us.

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